New Movano-e Introducing the New Movano-e
New Movano-e


All-electric new Movano-e is built to maximise productivity and improve operating costs. Perfect for any transport task.

Travel far with a 139 mile range A rugged 120PS (90kW) electric engine, a range of up to 139 miles and impressive cargo space. That's all-electric Movano-e. Add in lower running costs, zero fuel and emissions costs, plus government incentives for road taxes and charging solutions. It’s a smart business move.​
Perfectly integrated battery Where's the battery? It’s located under the floor away from the load area. All-electric New Movano-e is engineered to perform. Its power output is 120PS (90kW) with 260Nm of instant torque. Top speed of up to 75mph.
Rapid charging speeds All-electric New Movano-e charges from 0% up to 80% in just one hour using a 50kWh public charger. So downtime is minimal. There's also a dual on-board charger for use at a variety of charging stations or to charge overnight. Getting you ready for the full working day ahead.