Grandland at James Haugh

With its exciting new design language and stylish shape, Grandland is far from your average SUV. Its distinctive Vauxhall Vizor and two-tone roof and body combinations make it really stand out from the crowd, while inside it gets the Pure Panel digital cockpit, cutting-edge tech and other advanced features that define the latest Vauxhalls. What's more, it’s available in plug-in hybrid, petrol and diesel versions.​


The unique Vauxhall Vizor organically integrates the grille, headlights and badge smoothly together into an eye-catching module. It’s a clean and confident face, as well as a technological tour de force. Inside, Pure Panel is a digital display featuring a choice of either a 7 or 10” colour infotainment touchscreen with a 7 or 12” digital instrument cluster. The effect is a high-tech but driver-focused interior.


Grandland is available with petrol and diesel engines, as well as new and efficient plug-in hybrid technology. The 13.2 kW liquid-cooled, lithium-ion battery is located under the main cabin of the car, giving both zero-emission capability and maximum practicality. 


There’s loads of space on offer, as well as a huge 1,652-litre luggage area. And to keep the car’s most vital cargo, its occupants, nice and safe there’s loads of the latest safety tech. Active Drive Assist, Front Camera System and Side Blind Zone Alert are all there – the very latest in active driver assistance systems. 


Grandland's ergonomic Active Front Seats give you full lumbar support, with extendable and tiltable seat cushioning. Plus lots of adjustable settings. So relax – Vauxhall’s innovative new SUV has well and truly got your back.​​.