New Movano

Maximum productivity, zero emissions: What applies to all electrified Vauxhall vans also applies to the new Movano Electric. It’s the perfect tool for every transportation task featuring Vauxhall’s legendary load-functionality and advanced driver assistance features, built to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs.

On route

With the new Movano, you maximise efficiency with every ride. This is not only due to its economical diesel engines, but also thanks to its advanced connectivity and navigation. Improve your workday with cutting-edge infotainment and optimal route planning.

Safety first

Enhance safety for you and your team with advanced features designed to prevent accidents and facilitate driving: In addition to various helpful driver assistance systems, the new Movano also optionally offers full LED headlamps. These not only give your van a sharper look, but more importantly, they offer a 30% improvement in lighting performance compared to standard halogen headlamps.

Tackling every job 

Tailor the new Movano to meet your professional needs. Available in an array of body variants (4 lengths / 3 heights), its customisable features empower you to deliver superior service to your customers. Experience efficient operations and achieve the best results with a capable van that's designed for you.

Carry it out

Payload and dimensions plus abundant practical solutions make the new Movano a leader in load functionality – and thus the ideal solution for a wide range of tasks.

Drives your Business forward

Get the most out of your new Vivaro thanks to its highly efficient yet powerful engines and choice of transmissions. Whether you're driving to a customer around the corner, have to cover long distances, or need maximum performance with heavy loads, your Vivaro will out perform.